Marks & Spencer boost for Charlotte's BAG

April 18th 2017.

Huge thanks to M&S in Shoreham, who have named Charlotte's BAG as their staff charity for the year April 2017-March 2018.  They publicly support Macmillan, breast and prostrate cancer, but behind the scenes they invite staff to nominate a local charity, and this year it's us!  Thanks to Laurence Allen who works at the Holmbush store and who nominated us.


Easyfundraising nets £240.11

April 18th 2017.

The 39 shoppers who've nominated us as their charity of choice have raised £240.11 so far - at absolutely NO cost to themselves.  If you haven't tried easyfundraising and you shop online for virtually anything, please check it out.  There are over 4,000 retailers who give a percentage of what you spend to Charlotte's BAG, and literally anything you want to buy can be found on there!



Look out for Charlotte's BAG in the media

February 25th 2017.

Our planned event for Feb 24 was postponed for planning reasons - watch 
this space in April!

However click the links below to see recent coverage on Juice Brighton and The Argus:



Charlottes BAG February Newsletter

February 7th 2017.

Hello, and welcome to this, our first newsletter from Charlotte’s BAG.  Since we launched the charity on October 26 2016 we have had so much interest and support from so many people, as well as requests to be kept up to date, that we thought we’d try out a simple e-newsletter.  As you will see, there are no pretty pictures or clever tricks, because they all cost money and we put every single penny raised into Charlotte’s BAG.

So, what’s been going on over the last three months?

Click here to download the newsletter and find out



BBC - Beating Brain Cancer?

January 23rd 2017.

Charlotte and family were the focus of a 9 minute piece on BBC TV South East Inside Out, broadcast on Monday January 23rd.  This was a very in-depth look at the realities of glioblastoma, which included interviews with Alex, Miles, Charlotte's consultants Stergios and Chris, and her friend Emily, along with some previously unseen video footage which Miles found on Charlotte's camera just before Christmas. As a result of this and the support package the BBC's Mark Norman and team put together around it, Charlotte's story was the 'most watched' item on the BBC national news homepage on their website for most of Sunday; BBC Radio Sussex interviewed Miles on Monday morning; BBC TV Newsbeat carried it; BBC TV SE news trailed the programme on the 6.30 news, and the Brighton Argus, Charlotte's local paper which is always so supportive, also carried a lovely story on Monday. CRUK's Stand Up to Cancer very kindly shared the BBC Newsbeat on their website and included a link to Charlotte's BAG - at the time of writing, this has clocked up over 750,000 views!  (If only every viewer gave us a £!...)

BBC Inside Out 23/01/17




January 23rd 2017.

Huge thanks to the cast, staff and technicians at Brockhill Park Performing Arts College drama team - their Variety Show last night was  not only highly creative, thought-provoking and downright entertaining, but the lovely audience very kindly donated almost £110 as the Charlotte's BAG team shook buckets at them on their way home.




January 11th 2017.

Charlotte's Comedy Night at The Joker, Brighton, on January 11th was a great success - the place was packed to the rafters with a crowd determined to enjoy themselves.  Our lovely compere Ali, and six comedians including Ben Carter (sample joke:

  “I’m on the market for a friend.  It doesn’t have to be a best mate, just someone who would happily say… Who, Ben?  Oh yeah, I know him”) made sure there were laughs a minute, and best of all the generous crowd raised almost £525 through ticket sales and donations.

Thank you to everyone who came along, and special thanks to Liv Evans and Alex Michals for their organisation, and to Ben Carter who plans to help Charlotte's BAG in future.




December 15th 2016.

Huge thanks to everyone who made a bid for the wonderful art and photos that were so kindly donated to us by artists ranging from their teens to their 70's, from students to Oscar winners. We are so happy to announce that the works on offer raised an amazing £1615 for Charlotte's BAG - all money that will go directly into fundraising for reasearch into glioblastoma.




November 24th 2016.

If you're shopping online you can now donate to Charlotte's BAG at NO cost and NO risk to yourself.  Simply click the link below and follow the instructions - every time you shop online with over 3,000 retailers they will make a donation to Charlotte's BAG based on a percentage of your spend with them. 

More details and to sign up -click below:




November 23rd 2016.

Charlotte's BAG chair Cressy Brooks and daughter Tallulah represented Charlotte, Alex and Miles at this fantastic event at the London Palladium on Tuesday November 22. Celebrating the creativity of youtubers and vloggers in the UK and internationally, Charlotte's video with Marcus Butler for Stand Up to Cancer was nominated in the Campaign Video of the Year category. Although we didn't bring home the award we were delighted that Charlotte was nominated in a category with some very tough competition, and it gave us a chance to put her story and Charlotte's BAG in front of some very influential opinion-formers.

More details about the awards and nominations can be found at:




Awards night is November 22nd 2016.

We are delighted to announce that a video that Charlotte made for Stand Up to Cancer with top vlogger Marcus Butler has been nominated for a BONCAS Award.  The British Online Creator Awards are hosted by Jack Maynard and Connor Maynard, and aim to celebrate the most creative, inspirational and exciting online creators of the year, championing the best of British and international online contributors, and judged by a jury of industry professionals. 

More details about the awards and nominations can be found at:


Charlotte's BAG launched on the 26th October 2016 in Brighton, outside the Royal Pavilion with beautiful  weather on our side.

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